Welcome to SmartSiting

SmartSiting is an online tool that is exclusively for the use of governmental and utility companies to create and accept applications from the wireless industry to deploy wireless equipment within their jurisdictions or on their light and utility poles.  Each jurisdiction can customize their application to ask both general and specific questions related to their unique ordinances, preferences or rules.  This allows our clients to do away with paper applications and enjoy the benefits of offering an online application to its applicants.

If you are interested in using the SmartSiting tool to collect applications, please contact tower@ctcnet.us

SmartSiting provides a way for local and state governments, Departments of Transportation, and Utility companies to offer an online application quickly and easily. It is built and hosted by ctc technology and energy (CTC). CTC is a highly-respected firm with extensive experience and intellectual resources. Our reputation rests on our track record of providing independent guidance. For more than three decades, we have served the public sector in evaluating its broadband deployment efforts and in bringing an independent, sometimes critical, eye to communications efforts. To ensure that we can provide independent guidance, we are not affiliated with equipment manufacturers, cable operators, wireless providers, or tower companies.

This application was built with these things in mind:

  • Improve Accuracy
    • Dropdown menus
    • Data validation
  • Improve Reviews
    • No manual data entry
    • Shorten review time
    • Reduce RFIs
  • Better analytics
    • Maps
    • Public information portals
  • Easily update questions – you can update or change your questions or application requirements overnight!

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